Who We Serve

Who We Serve:

Seniors who are relocating 

Serving seniors is our passion...  We started our company because we clearly saw a need among seniors in our community who were going through the daunting process of preparing for and completing a move. 

When most people think of moving, they often think of movers and moving truck.  However, anyone who has ever gone through the process of relocating their home knows that moving is so much more than just 'move-day.'  It requires planning, sorting through every item, figuring out what will fit, deciding what to do with the things you don't keep (and then taking action on those decisions.)  At the end of all that, you still have to box, move, unbox, fully set up the new home, and fully clean out the old home. 

This process is overwhelming for every age group.  For Seniors, it can be debilitating.

One of the most common comments we hear from our clients and their families is "I don't know how we would have done all this without your help."  It brings us great purpose and joy to do the work that we do for our seniors and their families. 

While serving seniors is not all we do, it will always be the heart of our purpose.

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Businesses, Busy Families, and individuals who are relocating 

As we've already mentioned, moving is stressful.  It always turns into a more complex situation than you expect. We are move managers who are specialized in helping make the relocation process smoother, and therefore get you back into the normal rhythms of your life a little bit faster.

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Realtors & Executors of Estates

Do you have a house that you can't sell because it's full of items?.. 

...Items that are important enough that you really want to sort through them with care, but a house that really needs to be put on the market as soon as possible?  The Hurdle that you can't get over is finding the time to do it, or finding the right person who will give that clean-out process the same level of attention and care that YOU would.  After all, if you want it done right, you better do it yourself...  right?

We work with Seniors to sort through their homes on a regular occasion, and one of our standard processes is that we comb through EVERY-SINGLE-THING so that nothing gets missed in the chaos. 

We look in every pocket of every article of clothing before we remove it...  One of our teams found a client's long-lost diamond engagement ring that had been removed by medical workers, wrapped in a candy wrapper, and securely placed in her sweater pocket 10 years prior.  For an entire decade, she was convinced that it had been stolen.  Talk about tears of joy!

We look in every book, behind every photo (even behind the paper), and in every crevice...  Another team found over $15,000 in cash hidden in small increments throughout a home's belongings. 

The thought of such valuables being hidden in a home can increase procrastination about emptying out the home.  You know it needs to be done, but it must be done perfectly, and who has time for that?...  so you put it off, and put it off. 

Let us clean your house with the level of professionalism and attention to detail that you would, so that you can finally put it on the market and remove that burden that has been on your mind. 

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Those who desire to declutter

As aspiring minimalists, we are experienced in the art of "letting go."  We can help with organization techniques in your home as well, but the true path to a decluttered home is owning less.  

Often times, we see our possessions as giving us purpose and defining who we are.  However, Every one of our possessions demands our time and money for it's upkeep, and our mental energy to think about it and manage it.  T
hough we think we own every item in our home, it's really those items that own us.   

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